New Feature: Provide White-labeled client experiences to enable partnerships and unlock growth

February 13, 2024
Steve Smith

Explore our new White-Label Client Portal that allows Money Services Businesses and Brokerages to enable partnerships and unlock growth.

New Feature: Provide White-labeled client experiences to enable partnerships and unlock growth

If you are a Money Services Business or Brokerage, you may have been presented with one or multiple opportunities to provide trading liquidity and/or payment services to a partner (i.e., another financial institution) or an internal subsidiary. 

Your partners and/or subsidiaries are different legal entities that want to provide a high-quality end-to-end customer experience across onboarding, trading, and payments. However, they need you to provide liquidity and operational support. They also do not have the resources to build their own client trading and onboarding experiences.

With Kooltra’s White-Label Client Portal Module, you can now offer your partners and subsidiaries the ability to own the customer experience while you retain the trade execution and payments flow.

Introducing our White Label Functionality 

This functionality includes the ability to offer a bespoke custom branded, client-facing - 

  • Trading & Payments portal
  • KYC/AML Onboarding/Renewals portal
  • Documents, including trade confirmations, settlement confirmations, and account statements 

We also appreciate that many of our clients may have one or multiple partnerships, regional offices, or subsidiaries that have their own customer branding, so we built the product to support up to 100 white-labeled brand kits across entities or account groups. 


Branding Template Setup

Open the Branding Template within Kooltra and add your partner’s entity information/brand colours

Assign accounts

Assign any accounts that will be associated with the partner. In this example, we're adding ABC Tech Co. by assigning the account, the account will now see this branding template in their trading/payments portal and KYC onboarding experience.

Partner Views

When the ABC Tech Co user logs in to the trading/payments portal or KYC onboarding portal they will see the partner’s branding instead of the MSB/Brokerages branding. That said, if ABC tech co chooses to execute a trade it will be accessing the MSB/Brokerages trading liquidity.

Trading/Payments Portal

KYC Onboarding/Renewal Portal

Trade Confirmation

After a trade or payment is made on the trading/payments portal, any client facing documents will also reflect the partner’s (ABC Trading) brand.

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