Unify and simplify your compliance process

Solve your compliance problems with one comprehensive solution for onboarding, transaction monitoring, and regulatory reporting.

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A hero-image showing the ability to approve counterparties from a compliance perspective.
An icon showing Kooltra's ability to help you streaming compliance.

Streamline compliance

End-to-end compliance solution including onboarding, transaction monitoring, and regulatory reporting

An icon showing how Kooltra can Centralize Data.

Centralized data

Your compliance data lives with all transaction and account data, allowing you to easily analyze and manage compliance risk

An icon showing the ability to automate workflows within Kooltra.

Workflow automation

Create alerts and simplify compliance workflows using powerful and highly trusted automation tools

Take control of your compliance processes

Streamline your onboarding processes

Configure your onboarding processes and workflows to match industry best practices. Provide customers with a modern and secure onboarding portal while reducing the headaches of KYC renewals.

A diagram showing how customers can complete a digital onboarding application and the data will be sent to Kooltra's compliance core.
A diagram showing the Transaction Risk Monitor capabilities that flag suspicious transactions for review.

Efficiently monitor transaction risk

Score all your transactions against historic behaviour and the customer’s KYC profile. All at a fraction of the cost of other transaction monitoring solutions.

Simplify your regulatory reporting

Use our regulatory reporting integrations to seamlessly remain compliant. Report derivative transactions to repositories. Report payments to local regulators. Set-up dashboards and monitors to ensure no reports are missed.

A diagram showing how regulatory reports are flagged and delivered to regulatory service providers.
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How Kooltra’s infrastructure platform supercharges compliance teams

Icon that represents Kooltra's workflow automation platform functionality.

Salesforce Workflows

Scale your compliance operations while maintaining performance and reliability


  • Automate repeatable steps in your compliance workflow
  • Create a renewal dashboard that visualizes accounts in each step of the process (i.e., with compliance, with sales, etc.)
An icon showing the bank grade security.

Bank Grade Security

Get access to tools to implement security best practices that match your policies. Know your data is encrypted, secure, and compliant.


  • Store PII data on the most secure & widely adopted cloud for enterprises
  • Enable customers to share sensitive documents with you without needing unsecured email
Icon representing Kooltra's Financial App Cloud capabilities.

Financial App Cloud

Leverage your customer and transaction data to automate the most complex regulatory reporting. Kooltra delivers the highest ROI on regulatory reporting automation.


  • Leverage pre-built managed reporting solutions (ex: CME, DTCC)
  • Build and automate the sending of CSV reports to your regulatory provider

Our Compliance Capabilities:

An icon showing the KYC onboarding capabilities of Kooltra.

KYC Onboarding

An icon showing the ability to perform KYC renewals in Kooltra.

KYC Renewals

An icon showing the account updates functionality in Kooltra.

Account Updates

An icon showing KYC alerts capabilities in Kooltra.

KYC Alerts

An icon showing the risk assessment capabilities in Kooltra.

Risk Assessment

An icon showing how Kooltra allows you to easily perform watchlist screening.

Watchlist Screening

An icon showing that you can perform ID verification in Kooltra.

Identity Verification

An icon showing the KYC checklist capabilities in Kooltra.

KYC Checklist

Icon showing the ability to add and approve authorized individuals.

Authorized Individuals

Icon that represents the Beneficiary Management feature set in Kooltra.

Beneficiary Management

An icon showing the ability to monitor transactions in Kooltra.

Transaction Monitoring

An icon showing the ability to set-up transaction risk scoring.

Transaction Risk Scoring

An icon showing the ability to escalate cases.

Case Management

An icon showing the ability to complete regulatory reporting with Kooltra.

FINTRAC Regulatory Reporting

Icon that represents the pricing models and centralized documentation functionality supported in Kooltra

Centralized Documentation

An icon showing the ability to perform SOC2 certification.

SOC2 Certification

An icon representing Kooltra's ability to generate custom reports on your data.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

An icon representing Kooltra's API Platform functionality.

API Platform