Deliver world-class customer experiences

Branded client portals that enable trading, payments, compliance, and more.

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An image showing how client's can execute trades on Kooltra's dealing portal.
Icon showing the unified client portal and Kooltra core experience.

Unified experience

One login across multiple portals. Allow your customers to manage their KYC, execute trades, make payments, manage wallets, and access reporting

Icon showing the branding control capabilities in Kooltra.

Branding control

Full control of the look and feel. Create an unlimited number of branding templates to power your client experience and enable lucrative white-label partnerships

An icon showing that Kooltra is both configurable and secure.

Configurable & Secure

Only expose functionality that is needed and control the unique experience of each user. Leverage MFA and other advanced security features

Provide customers with a modern digital experience

Enable your customers to securely self onboard and renew their KYC

Capture sensitive KYC data and documentation in an intuitive user interface. Ditch fillable PDFs that your customers hate, and never again send sensitive information over unsecured channels like email.

A diagram showing how portal customers can complete their KYC and sign digitally.
A diagram showing how portal users can place limit orders and have them executed via STP.

Drive business growth with a modern FX and payments portal

Enable self-serve transactions by allowing customers to book trades and leave orders, manage beneficiaries, instruct payments, and monitor positions. All in one beautiful interface.

Superior Risk & Compliance Controls

Leverage the full suite of Kooltra’s services to ensure that you only allow your customers to execute trades and make payments in line with your policies. Check credit, margin, limits, LEI, beneficiaries, and more. Maximize STP and eliminate risk before it happens.

A diagram showing how the client portal can have different risk and beneficiary controls.
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How Kooltra’s infrastructure platform supercharges the client experience

An icon showing the bank grade security.

Bank Grade Security

Protect yourself and your customers by ensuring the security of every client interaction


  • Manage permissions based on authorizations to make payments, trade, or sign agreements
  • Enable MFA, track devices and IP addresses
Icon that is used to represent Kooltra's API platform.

API Platform

Integrated powerful APIs that transform your client portals into world class experiences


  • Execute a high volume of trades and payments per day in your client portal
  • Calculate risk in real-time to reduce risk and increase STP
Icon that represents the Salesforce reporting functionality in Kooltra.

Salesforce Reporting

Analyze your customer’s activity at any stage of their life-cycle to drive adoption and revenue


  • Monitor client progress during onboarding
  • Track portal user growth and profitability relative to voice brokering

Our Client Portal Capabilities:

An icon showing the KYC onboarding capabilities of Kooltra.

KYC Onboarding

An icon showing the ability to perform KYC renewals in Kooltra.

KYC Renewals

An icon showing the account updates functionality in Kooltra.

Account Updates

An icon representing Kooltra's STP Trading functionality.

STP Trading & Orders

Icon that represents the Beneficiary Management feature set in Kooltra.

Beneficiary Management

Icon that represents Kooltra's ability to let you send and receive payments.


An icon showing the ability to complete regulatory reporting with Kooltra.

Payment History

An icon representing Kooltra's Net Position Blotter feature.

Net Positions

An icon representing Kooltra's Maturity Blotter feature.

Maturity Blotter

An icon representing Kooltra's trade blotters and trade observability capabilities.

Net Settlements

An icon that represents the credit engine in Kooltra. This credit engine limits the amount of funds that can be sent/received by counterparties.

Credit Engine

An Icon representing the risk limits and margining tools available in Kooltra.

Risk Limits & Monitoring

Icon showing the ability to add and approve authorized individuals.

User Management

An icon showing Kooltra's ability to support multiple accounts for one user in the portal.

Related Accounts

An icon showing how you can manage permissions on the client portal.

Permission Management

An icon representing Kooltra's ability to generate custom reports on your data.

Custom Reports & Dashboard

An icon showing the ability to provide a white-label portal to your customer's customers.

White-Label Portal