An administrator has the capability to set entity and page access on a user level. This gives the administrator more flexibility and control over the information in Kooltra. To set the page access at the user level, go to System > User Management in the navigation pane. 

Users Overview

When you access User Management, you will see the Users card. This card gives you details about all of the users in Kooltra. This card can be sorted by clicking on any of the table headers. There is also a More button (highlighted in blue) that allows you to export the users card into an Excel csv.


Updating a Profile

A users profile can be updated by following the video instructions below.


Updating the Entity/Page Access

In order to update the entity and page security, click on the First Name of any user in the Users card. This will open up the user management page in a new tab. To add/remove access to entities and pages, follow the video below.


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