Group management allows administrators to organize users into groups. Once a group of users has been created, security settings can be applied to the whole group as opposed to individual users. To access group management, click on System > Group Management

Within the group management card, you can manage existing groups or create new groups. 

Manage Existing Groups

Follow the steps below to manage an existing group. 

1) Select the group from the Group dropdown (outlined in black) and click Load (outlined in blue).


2) Add or remove users from the group by using the arrows outlined in blue below. The users in the Available: box are not part of the group, while the users in the Selected: Box are part of the group.


3. Click Save (outlined in blue) to update your group.


Create New Groups

Follow the steps below to manage a new group.

1) Click the New button (outlined in blue).


2) Enter a Group Name and select the Entity (outlined in blue) that you would like the group to be a part of.


3) Select the Members of the group (same as step 2 in Manage Existing Groups)

4) Click Save (same as step 3 in Manage Existing Groups)


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