The Entity Settings page is organized by tabs to let you further configure your entity. This configuration includes:

  • Selecting currencies that should be available to users accessing that entity
  • Creating cashflow subtypes
  • Enabling apps
  • Creating documentation types

To access Entity Settings, click on System > Entity Settings in the navigation pane.

Overview Tab 

The Entity settings page opens on the overview tab (outlined in black below). 

The General Card contains all of the information you entered in the New Entity page, but also lets you enter a Logo URL. A Logo URL is used to displays a logo in pdf files generated from Kooltra (ex. display a logo in the top right-hand corner of the FX Statements Report).

The Configuration card allows you to enter the compliance email, compliance phone number and disclaimer. It also allows you to select currencies/CFD's that users can use throughout the entity. To allow users to access specific currencies/CFD's:

  1. Select the currency/CFD from Available: box 
  2. Click on the > button to move it to Selected: box


Cashflow Tab

The Cashflows tab allows you to specify subtypes for cashflows. These subtypes show up on the adjustment page and allow you to classify your cashflows for reconciliation purposes. For each subtype, you can specify whether you'd like it to be the default for the Parent Type (ex. if you insert a Wire-in cashflow you'll always have the CASH subtype set), and whether you'd like it to show up on the Daily Reconciliation page.

Cashflow subtypes.png

Cashflow subtypes can be updated or deleted by clicking on the blue Update or Delete text on the right-hand side of the Cashflow Subtypes card.

Apps Tab

The Apps tab allows you to enable Apps on an entity-level. As described in the Apps section, certain apps need to be enabled for an entity before they can be enabled for the accounts in that entity. See the video below to learn how to enable/disable an app. Depending on the app that you are enabling, you may need to enter values in additional fields. For further instructions on configuring specific Apps, please visit the App Documentation page.

Documents Tab

The documents tab is used to set the document types for Accounts, Beneficiaries and Contacts. To add a new document type, follow the video instructions below. 

Document types can be deleted by clicking on the X under Action. Document types can also be updated by cicking on the green Update Button.

label (1).png

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