The Settlement Processor is a tool that helps you with your settlement process. To access the Settlements Processor, click on Settlements > Settlements Processor in the navigation pane. 

There are two cards to help you manage and settle your trades - the Daily Position card and the Pending Settlements card. 

Daily Position Card

The Daily Position card loads all trades with a value date specified in the date filter. These trades are grouped by account (Counterparty) and by currency (CCY). For each grouping of trades, the associated PositionCashflow amount, and Daily Net is shown. An account listed in this card with a Daily Net greater than 0.00 means that the trades need to be settled by creating the appropriate cashflows. 

Daily Net - The total amount that needs to be settled per account per currency. This number should be 0.00 for all accounts at the end of the day. If this number is not 0.00 then the settlements are not matching the positions for the day.

Cashflow - The amount of money that has been settled.

Position - Represents the total amount of money that was owed (if positive), or due (if negative) for a specific account and currency. 

There is a local search bar in the top right corner of the Daily Positions card that allows you to search on any column in the card.

Creating a Pending Settlement

Trades can be settled be creating a cashflow. Follow the steps in the video below to create a settlement cashflow. If you would like to complete a cashflow without it going to the pending card, check off Complete at the bottom of the adjustments card.


Pending Settlements Card

The Pending Settlements card lists settlements (cashflows) that are expected to be completed, but have not yet been completed. For each cashflow, the currency (CCY), AmountNostro, and Beneficiary is listed.

Once a cashflow is pending, it can be modified, completed or deleted. 

Modify - If a cashflow needs to be modified, the value date, subtype, comment and client comment can be changed.

Complete - If complete is clicked, the cashflow status will change to completed and the amount will adjust the daily net amount in the Daily Position card.

Delete - If a delete is clicked, the cashflow will be cancelled and removed from the Pending Settlements card.

Like the Daily Position card, there is also a local search bar in the top right corner.  

Completing a Cashflow

Once payment for a pending settlement has been received, the cashflow can be completed. Follow the steps in the video below to complete a cashflow.



The filters available on this page are:

Date - Sets the value date of trades that you would like to settle. By default, this date is set to today. 

Only Cashflows Processed Today - Displays cashflows were set to pending or completed on the date the page was loaded.

Ignore Complete Settlements - Ignores any cashflows that are completed (Daily Net is 0.00).

Ignore Internal Accounts - Ignores any cashflows associated with accounts of type Internal. 


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