The Cashflow Export page is designed to automate the workflow of exporting payment files for upload to your bank. In this example we use an RBC ACH export. Contact us to see if your bank is supported or to add it into our roadmap. This page works by creating a text file from approved cashflows, which can then be uploaded to your business's RBC account to automatically make payments. To access the Cashflow Export page, click on Settlements > Cashflow Export in the navigation pane. 

In order for the cashflow page to be configured, your entity must have the RBC ACH Export App enabled. Follow the instructions in the App Tab section of Entity settings, to enable the RBC ACH Export App. Note that if your app is not enabled, you will see a red error message "No apps are setup" on the Cashflow export page.

Any cashflows that are being settled into an RBC account, or being paid out of an RBC account will show up on this page. In order to generate the file that will contain instructions for the payments the cashflows must be approved. In order for your cashflows to be approved your beneficiaries must have an institution number, beneficiary branch number and beneficiary account number. If any of these are missing you will receive an error "Invalid Beneficiary Institution Number, Beneficiary Branch Number, Beneficiary Account Number for cashflow 101846.C0". The first video below shows how to approve cashflows and generate a payments file.

Once your file is generated, you can click on the link beside the Export Approved button (see step 3 below). This will open up the file in a new window. Alternatively you right-click the link and save it locally. This is shown in the second video.


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