The Monthly Reconciliation page serves a similar purpose as the Daily Reconciliation, helping finance and management users reconcile their Nostro and Vostro balances in a given entity on a monthly basis. The Monthly Reconciliation report aggregates the daily reconciliation reports which are generated at the end of every business day. To access the monthly reconciliation page, go to Reporting > Month Reconciliation in the navigation pane.

In order to see the monthly report, you need to specify a date range at the top of the page by clicking on the date box. 


Adjustment List Tab

The Adjustment List tab lists the manual adjustments that have been made during the specified date range. It provides the adjustment details including date, currency, group, amount and comment.


Results Tab

The Results tab displays the final results of the monthly reconciliation process. It summarizes information that you would see on a typical balance sheet such as total assets, total liabilities and equity for cash and for line items. 


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