The Vostros page shows the balances of all the Vostro accounts for each currency. To access the Vostros page click on Other Data > Vostros in the navigation pane.

Each column can be sorted alphabetically or chronologically by clicking the column header. Additionally, the data shown in the Vostros page can be filtered by searching an account name, currency, balance, or USD balance with the local search bar. Kooltra also offers users the ability to export the information on the Vostros page by clicking More > Export .csv button (highlighted in blue below). 


You are able to view the transaction details of a Vostro account by clicking on the Vostro name in the Name column. This will open up the Vostro transactions page, allowing you to view the associated cashflows. In order to view the cashflows, you will need to click on Load. By default all cashflows will load for the current date. This can be changed by clicking on the date button as shown below.


The loaded Vostro page lists the cashflows associated comment, date, debit amount, credit amount and balance. The end balance is in the top right of the page (highlighted in yellow below).


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