The Outbound Messages Monitor lists all transactions that originate from Kooltra and are intended to go out to an external party. To access Outbound Messages, go to Messaging > Outbound Messages in the navigation pane.

Each transaction on the Outbound Messages Monitor may associated with one of the following apps:

  • Kooltra Electronic Transaction Confirmation

  • Harmony

  • MiFID II ARM Reporting via Abide Financial

  • CME Canadian Trade Reporting

  • CME Canadian Valuation Reporting

  • CME Australian Trade Reporting

  • CME Australian Valuation Reporting


  • FSS Cashflow Export

Each transaction is will also have one of the following statuses listed in the Status column:

  • NEW

  • Not Required

  • Error

  • Pending

  • Successful

Error and Re-submission

We will use the FSS Cashflow Export app as an example to illustrate the error identification and retry submission process. 

Step 1: Identify the cause of the error by viewing the error details.


Step 2: Update the correct trade/account information.


The error states that the process failed because nostro code or account code is not populated. We can see from the trade ticket that the Account is ACME Ltd and Nostro (bank) is Forex Bank-GBP. Now we will check both account and bank details, ensuring that the information is complete and accurate.

i) Open up the Counterparty Summary page and check for the Account code:


ii) Open up the Forex Bank-GBP bank page to check for its Nostro Code. Since the Nostro code is missing, we will readd it.


Step 3: Resubmit the cashflow by clicking the retry button on Outbound Messages page. If the cashflow disapears, it indiciates that it's status is no longer in error and it is being re-submitted to the FSS server to be processed.


You can monitor the status of this cashflow by setting the Status filter to All, and searching for the Cashflow ID in the local search bar.


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