The Counterparty Summary page overviews an accounts details, contacts, notes, positions, orders and settlements. You can pull up the Counterparty Summary details for any active counterparty by using the global Search Bar bar in the top-right corner of Kooltra. 


Overview Tab

The Overview Tab allows you to view information about the account including general information, margin summary and cash balances. The bottom of the card, highlighted in green, presents the overall cash balance of this counterparty in the base currency, followed by the total P&L, equity and excess balance. 

Note that the Counterparty Summary is a view-only page which is a handy tool for overviewing information about a glance. If you need to modify the account's information, such as phone number or margin requirement, you will be able to do so by following the guide in Account Overview.


Cash Information

The Cash information on right side of the Overview tab lists the cash that the client is currently holding with you by currency. By clicking a currency, you will able to view the historical cashflows. By default, historical cashflows will load from the first of the month to the current date. You can change this date range by clicking on the date range filter. To obtain more information about a specific cashflow, you can click onto the Cashflow ID which will open up the cashflow ticket.


Contacts & Notes Tab

The Contacts Tab presents key information of the contacts associated with the counterparty, including name, email address, phone number and authorization. The Notes Tab allows users to add quick notes about the counterparty.


Positions Tab

The Positions Tab displays the aggregate position of all open trades by currency pairs Amt1 is total amount traded in the first currency of the currency pair and Amt2 is the amount traded in the second currency of the currency pair. Avg Rate is calcalted by dividing Amt1 by Amt2 and Spot Rate reflects the current market rate. USD PL is the difference between Amt2 and market value after being converted to USD.


Trades Tab

The Trades Tab displays all the open trades for the account ordered by the Trade ID. Users are able to view the trade amounts, currencies, rate, trade date and value date at a glance. Clicking on the Trade Id will open the trade details.


Orders Tab

The Orders Tab displays all open orders for an account. Users are able to view the order type, action, amounts, currencies, rates, hedge rate and provider at a glance. Clicking on the Order ID will open the order details.


Settlement Tab

The Settlement Tab shows the aggregate position of all trades and options by currency pairs that will be settled within next three days. 


Data Tab

The Data Tab provides links to multiple pages in Kooltra including FxTrades, FxOptions, FxOrders, Cashflows, Vostros and Documents. Clicking on each link will open up the page in a new tab. 


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