The Margin Monitor Card is used to review the amount of margin required for each account in the entity you are accessing. To access the Margin Monitor, click on FX Blotters > Margin Monitor in the navigation pane.

This page will provide you with an overview of the cash, unrealized P&L (profit and loss), equity, NOP (net open position), margin required and excess cash for all accounts. Margin requirement is calculated by multiplying the margin rate by the current NOP (Net Open Position). Excess cash is the amount of cash the account has in excess of their margin. This is calculated by subtracting margin required from the amount of Cash. 

To view additional information about an account, you can click on the account name in the Account column.

In the top right of the margin monitor card is a local search bar (highlighted in blue) that allows you to search on any column. There is also a More button (highlighted in green), that when clicked, allows you to export the margin monitor card as a csv file. 


margin monitor, unrealized, equity, NOP, net open position