The FX Trade Blotter is used to represent detailed information about Open trades. This blotter is very similar to the Aggregate Trade Blotter, however trades are not aggregated by Client in the Open Trades Card. To access the FX Trade Blotter click on FX Blotters > FX Trade Blotter in the navigation pane.

There are three cards on this blotter, namely the Net Position Card, the Daily Totals Card, and the Open Trades Card

Net Positions Card

The Net positions card sums the value of Amount 1, Amount 2, and calculates the average rate and market rate. It also provides you with the USD PL. At the bottom right hand corner of the card, the sum of USD PL is shown.

Daily Totals

The Daily Totals card displays the daily total of each currency for the past three days. These daily totals are converted into the entities base currency and shown at the bottom of the card (in this instance it's shown as Total (CAD).

Open Trades

The Open trades card displays information about open trades. Details including the trade ID, Client name, trade date and value date along with CCY1 (Currency 1), CCY2 (Currency 2) Amt1 (Amount 1), Amt2 (Amount 2), rate and MTM USD are shown. These open trades are limited to the Book and Trade Date. By default the Book is set to --ALLā€“, and the Trade Date is set to Today (highlighted in black). The trade date can be changed to set the trade dat to Yesterday or --ALL--.

The Open trades card has a local search bar in the top-right (highlighted in blue) that allows you to search on any column in the Open trades card. There is also a More button (highlighted in green), that when clicked, allows you to export the Open Trades Card as a csv file. 


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