The Prime Broker Dashboard (PB Dashboard) is designed to meet the operation and compliance needs of a prime brokerage business. This dashboard displays the collective information about open trades. To access the Prime Broker Dashboard, click on FX Blotters > Aggr Trade Blotter in the navigation pane.

There are three cards on this blotter, namely the Position by Currency card, the Position by CCYPair card and the Net Position by Account card. When you first open the Prime Broker Dashboard, you will only see the Position by Currency card. The Position by CCYPair card and the Net Position by Account card will be shown once you specify a currency and currency pair, respectively.

Position by Currency

The Position by Currency card shows the aggregated positions for all currencies by default. You will be able to filter the list by selecting the trade date to be today or yesterday using the Trade Date filter.


Position by CCYPair

When you click on a specific currency, it will open up the Position by CCYPair card that sums the balances for currency pair associated with the specified currency. It also provides you with the USD P&L as well as the sum of USD P&L at the bottom right hand corner of the card.


Open Trades

To view open trades for a specific currency pair, click in the currency pair in the Position by CCY Pair card. The Open Trades card groups open trades by account and currency pair. Average values for Amount1, Amount2 and rate are shown along with MTM USD. The number of trades for each currency pair and client are shown in the right-hand most column. Clicking on the # of trades will open up the FX Trades page and display the trades that make up the currency pair position for that account. 

The Open Trades card has a local search bar in the top-right (highlighted in blue) that allows you to search on any column in the Open Trades card expect for # of Trades. You may use the search functions to help narrow the search results.

There is also a More button that, when clicked, allows you to export the data as a .csv file.


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