The Contacts page list all contacts in your entity. To access the contacts page click on Counterparties > Contacts in the navigation pane. 

The contacts page lists the contacts associated account, email, phone number, primary, and status. Each column can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the the column header as shown below. To view the details of each contact, click on the contact name which will open the contact details page.

To add new contacts, please go to Counterparties > Counterparties and click into the desired counterparty page and navigate to the contacts tab

There is a top menu on the contact details page that allows you to manage additional information associated with the contact such as documents and compliance. Each section in the top menu is overviewed below.


This page displays all the fundamental contact information, address, system and screening.

Authorization: by choosing the appropriate authorizations, this contact will have authorizations on trading, signing and/or settlements processing.

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Kooltra provides three different types of confirmations: Cashflow, Trade and Payment. It allows our customer to select the type of statements that the contact will be receiving and how frequent the statements will be sent out based on the needs and preferences of its client. 


FINTRAC or other Forex regulatory associations require personal identifications of the contact person (i.e. the owner, the director, the trader or etc.) and Kooltra provides a handy tool to store all the important documents and allows users to easily keep in track of the documents type and dates and spot any expired documents on record in a single page.


The Compliance page lists out the important fields concerned by international/federal regulatory boards and indicated if there is any missing piece of information. After reviewing the information, you can click "KYC Review Completed" and it will record the reviewed user and date.

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