Entities represent individual business units or business lines. Kooltra Admins are responsible for creating and managing the appropriate business entities. To create a new entity, click System > New Entity in the navigation pane.

Enter the required information, indicated by a * on the New Entity Setup card. Once you have entered the appropriate information, click on Create New Entity.

If you are creating multiple entities which are similar to the entity you are currently in, you can click on the Clone Current button. This button will auto populate the fields based on the information available from your current entity. 

Once you create a new entity, you will be automatically redirected to the Entity Settings page, where you can configure your entity further.



Why am I not redirected to Entity Settings after I click on Create New Entity?

If you are not redirect to the Entity Settings page after clicking on Create a New Entity you are either missing one or more of the required fields or already have an entity with the same Entity Code. Note that entity codes must be unique. 

What is an LEI?

LEI stands for Legal Entity Identifier, and is used to identify participants in financial transactions. Click here for more information on LEI. 


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