The single counterparty page lists all the transactions between your organization and an external nostro accounts. These external nostro accounts include liquidity providers and margin accounts. To access the Single Counterparty page, click on Settlements > Single Counterparty in the navigation pane. 

Follow the steps below to load the transactions for a specific liquidity provider or margin account. 


Once the liquidity provider/margin account transactions are loaded, your view will looks similar to the image below. The main card (highlighted in blue) lists all of the transactions for the specific counterparty that have a value date specified in the value date filter. The overall position of these transactions are shown in the right hand card (highlighted in red). In this case, all transactions involving USD, EUR are being settled using Forex Bank, while all transactions involving CAD are being settled through Bank of Forex.


The buttons (highlighted in green) are:

Load: Used for loading the counterparty (liquidity provider/margin account) transactions

Recalculate Net: Recalculating the net amounts in the right hand card (highlighted in red) if the Nostro dropdowns are changed

PDF: Creates a PDF version of the Single counterparty page showing the summary at the top of the PDF, and the transaction details below

CSV: Creates a csv Excel file of the Single counterparty page showing the summary at the top of the csv sheet, and the transaction details below


What is an external nostro account?

An external nostro account, is a nostro account who's counterparty type has not been marked as internal. 

What are rules?

What are some common errors that I might see on this page?

The most common error you may see in the error column (right-hand most column in the main card) is "No Default Nostro..." (ex. No Default Nostro for CAD). This error means that you have not set a default bank account for a specific currency. See the New Bank Account guide to set up a default bank account for a currency. 

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