The Real-time Equity page displays real-time aggregate positions, equity in the entities base currency, as well as Nostro balances (assets) and Vostro balances (liabilities) on a daily basis. To access the Real-time Equity page, go to Reporting > Real-time Equity in the navigation pane.


Position Summary & Equity Summary

The Position Summary card displays the open total position for each currency in the entity. Similarly, the Equity Summary card sums up all the available cash and unrealized P&L and presents them in the entity's base currency (i.e. CAD in the example below). The Net Equity is calculated by adding the Total cash and Unrealized P&L. 


Real-Time Equity Statement

You can review the ending Nostro, Vostro and Internal Cash balances for the current day. The top half of the real-time equity card breaks down your equity by currency and calculates the Net Cash. The bottom half of the card displays the aggregated balances for Open trades and Internal Trades. The amount shown on the Net Trades row is calculated by subtracting the Internal Trades from the Open Trades.

The Net Position is (in green) is calculated by adding together Net Cash and Net Trades.


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