The FX Statements page is used to manually generate an account statement for a client. To access the FX Statements page, click on Reporting > FX Statements in the navigation pane.

You first need to enter the Counterparty name and specify a date range for the statements to be generated for. Once the information is entered, clickGenerate Statement button which will open up a downloadable PDF file in a new tab. If the statement is not opening in a new tab, please ensure that the pop-up windows are allowed for Kooltra by disabling pop-up blocker in the Internet Browser settings.


Financial Summary & Overview

The first page of the statements provides an overview of the cash balance, equity, net position and margin requirements in the entity's base currency (CAD in our example) as well as a summary of cash movements in each of the client's vostros.


FX Trades - Maturing Positions

The Maturing Position section lists all the trades that have already settled or is settling within the date range of the statement.


FX Trades - Open Positions

The Open Positions section lists all the trades that remain open and will not be settled within the date range of the statements.


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