The Nostros page shows the balances of all the nostro accounts by currency. To access the Nostros page, click on Other Data > Nostros in the navigation pane.

The layout of the Nostros page is shown below. You are able to view a specific Nostros by clicking the nostro name. This will open up the nostro details, similar to how clicking a counterparty in the Counterparties page opens up the counterparty details.

The data shown on the Nostros page is the nostro name, currency, balance and default. Each one of these fields can be filtered on by using the local search bar highlighted in yellow. The Default field indicates whether the currency listed is the default for that bank account. If a nostro is marked as default, then transactions that settle for that currency will default to settling against that nostro. Note that default settling can be overwritten on a specific payment on the Single Counterparty page. You can change the default nostro by opening the nostro details and unchecking the box Default for Currency

Kooltra also offers users the ability to export the information on the Nostros page by clicking More > Export .csv button (highlighted in green). 


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