The FX Options page shows the details of all options in the entity that you are accessing. To access the FX Options page, click on Other Data > FX Options in the navigation pane. 

The layout of the FX Options is shown below. You are able to view a specific option ticket by clicking on the option ID in the Trade Name column. 

The FX Options page lists the options associated account, action, notional, currency pair, option type, style, strike price, expiration date, premium and premium date. Each column can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the column header. 

The FX Options page allows you to browse and filter on all options in your entity by Status (highlighted in blue below). By default, the status is set to be Open, indicating that none of the cancelled or closed (expired) options will be shown on the page. It can be further filtered by searching using the local search bar.

Kooltra also offers users the ability to export the information from the FX Options page by clicking More > Export.csv button (highlighted in orange below).


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