The inbound exception monitor lists all transactions in Kooltra that cannot be mapped to an account or currency pair. To access the inbound exception monitor, click on Messaging > Inbound Exceptions in the navigation pane.

Transactions on the inbound exceptions monitor originate from external sources, indicated by the SourceApp. Each transaction is associated with one of the following error messages listed in the Action Required column:

  • Account Not Recognized

  • CurrencyPair Not Recognized

If an account is not recognized, then you can click Map To Account (highlighted in blue below). Follow the steps in the Map to Account section below to properly map this transaction to an account. Once you have mapped the transaction to an account, all transactions with the same External Account code will also be automatically mapped.

If the currency pair is not recognized, then you can click Add Currency Pair (highlighted in blue below). Follow the steps in the Add a Currency Pair section below to properly map this transaction to a currency pair.

If trades are not being mapped successfully after you have performed the appropriate action, ensure that:

1) The transactions that you are mapping have a value date/premium date that is is greater than or equal to the present date.

2) There is a Source App on each trade.

If you would like to retry all transactions in the exception monitor, you can click Retry All, highlighted in grey below.

The Exceptions card has a local search bar in the top-right (highlighted in green) that allows you to search on any column in the Exceptions card. 


Map To Account

Step 1: Search for the Account that you would like to map the transaction to:


Step 2: Select the appropriate account from the search results dropdown.


Step 3. Click Save 


Add a Currency Pair

To map a transaction to a currency pair, click on the Add Currency Pair link in the Actions required column. Then follow the same steps as outlined in the Create New Currency section.


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