The FX Order Monitor allows you to overview the details of all active orders. To access the FX Order monitor, click on FX Orders > FX Order Monitor in the navigation menu. 

This page provides you with an overview of the order associated account, type, leg, action, amount, currency pair, rate, forward date, hedge rate, provider, market rate, source and pricing-to-market (PTM) for all active orders. To view additional information about an order or an account, you can click on the order ID or the account name, respectively. 

You have the option to filter the list by specifying a currency pair or an order source in the top most card. there is also a local search bar that allows you to search on the values in any column.

Once the details of the orders have been reviewed, you can click the Reconcile button to complete the reconciliation process. 

There is also a More button, that when clicked, allows you to export the FX Orders Monitor card as a csv file.


To view more information about the orders' providers, you can go to the Breakdown tab which shows the number of orders for each provider. The numbers add up to the Total Results in the active order tab after the filters being applied. 


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