Kooltra's Maturity Blotter Card displays the aggregate position of all trades and options with value dates and option premium dates between a specified date range. To access the Maturity Blotter, click on FX Blotters > Maturity Blotter in the navigation pane.

At the top of the Maturity Blotter page is a set of filters (highlighted in blue, orange and purple), two checkboxes (highlighted in red) and a local search bar (highlighted in green).

The single card below the filters displays all the currencies that makeup the total position (shown in the right-hand most column). The total position is listed according to the currency highlighted in the blue filter. By default, this currency is set to be the same as the entity's default currency, however you can click on this currency and change it to any other currency available in that entity. The currencies are converted into the total position currency using either the Market Rates or Accounting Rates. You can change which rates you use by clicking on the filter highlighted in orange. To change the maturity date range, you can click on either of the dates highlighted in purple.

Additionally, you can filter the maturity blotter to only show Spot/Forwards or Option Premiums. This is done by selecting the checkboxes in red. The position of all and spots/forwards with a value date that falls between the specified date range and that have a status of open, closed or given up are summed in the maturity blotter. All Options that are not cancelled with a premium date that falls between the specified date range are summed in the maturity blotter. 

There is a local search bar (highlighted in green), to the right of the filters. This search bar allows the user to filter the maturity blotter by a specific account for the specified date range. Once you have searched on an available account and selected it from the search results dropdown, the account's maturity blotter will be loaded. 

To view more detailed information about the daily position, you can click on a date in the date column. 


maturity monitor, unrealized, equity, NOP, net open position