The daily positions blotter shows the position of all trades with the value date specified in the Date filter. These positions are grouped by account, with the overall position for each currency shown at the bottom of the main card (highlighted in green). To access the Daily Position Blotter click on FX Blotters > Daily Position Blotter in the navigation pane.

The date shown in the daily position blotter can be changed by changing the Date filter (highlighted in blue) and clicking Load. You can also filter trades that are associated with Completed (settled) cashflows or Pending (open but not settled) cashflows.

Kooltra also offers users the ability to export the information on the daily position blotter by clicking the Export to CSV button in the top right (highlighted in yellow).


Early Receipts

The daily position blotter also provides users with information about early receipts, or cashflows that were settled in advance of their value date. To access early receipts, navigate to the Early Receipts tab in the top menu (highlighted in blue). The early receipts card displays information about amount and currency that was received from a specific counterparty. 


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