The Document Expiry Monitor provides an overview of all documents with expiry dates in the current entity. To access the Document Expiry Monitor, click on Compliance > Document Expiry Monitor in the navigation pane. 


Before the document expiration information is monitored in Kooltra, the Document Expiry Monitor App must be enabled in the Apps tab of the Entity Settings page. For more information about enabling and configuring the Document Expiry Monitor app, please review the Document Expiry Monitor App guide .

The Document Expiry Monitor looks similar to the Documents page, except that it's focus is on documents and their respective expiry date. Other than the Expiry Date, it provides details on the document's associated Owner, Account, Type and File Name. Each column can be sorted alphabetically or chronologically by clicking the column header. Moreover, users also have the ability to modify the document or edit the details on this page by clicking Update in the Action column. 


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